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Latitude Podcast

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Podcasts are great for driving, working and just about any free time you have.  Latitude is a podcast hosted by Brian McGuckin and Brent Bergherm where they talk about travel, photography, and taking epic photos on the road.

It's part of the Improve Photography series of podcasts.  They offer photography podcasts on many different subjects from Landscapes to Portraits and this is the newest Travel Based Podcast.

Look for the Latitude Podcast on iTunes or where ever you download your podcasts.


Evan Hecox: The Long Way

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“The Long Way” is a short documentary portrait of artist Evan Hecox filmed in the desolate back roads and remote beauty of New Mexico and southern Colorado. We meander past desert landscapes, Taos Earthships, The Rio Grande Gorge, lonesome church ruins and Dennis Hopper's grave as Evan experiences the worlds that inhabit his work. This film was produced in conjunction with an exhibit on view at Joshua Liner Gallery February 9 to March 11.

Humans of New York

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One of our favorite blogs to check out is Humans of New York.  Photographer Brandon Stanton had a goal of taking pictures of 10,000 different people on the streets of New York City.  Brandon began interviewing his subjects along the way and the project began to take off.  It's Brandon's ability to connect with his subjects in such a deep fashion and tell their story in a few sentences that made his project magic.  Humans of New York has a blog, Facebook, Instagram, a physical book and we're sure more to come.

Brandon is currently in South American taking portraits in the streets and getting people to open up about their lives.  It's worth your time to take a look.

Been App

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Keep track of countries and US states that you have visited. The app visualizes the visited countries both as a list, along with a ratio for each continent, and as a world map. The list is synced across devices using iCloud. The map can be shared on social networks, such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, using the standard iOS sharing functionality.

Check out in iTunes here.

Twin Peaks

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What do you know about Twin Peaks? 2017 is brining new episodes of the original TV series from 1990 to be aired on Showtime in May.  The show has a huge cult falling around the world.  Much of Twin Peaks was filmed in North Bend, Washington and in smaller cities throughout the state.  There are still landmarks you can visit and every year there is the annual Twin Peaks Festival.  

Twin Peaks Fan Site

Twin Peaks Travel Locations

Twin Peaks Festival


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Pan De Muertos

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Pan De Muertos or dead bread is a delicious sweet roll made in the weeks prior to Dia De Los Muertos in Mexico. The bread is eaten at the gravesite or altar of the deceased.  Dia De Los Muertos is a time to remember family members and friends who have passed away.