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Leavenworth, WA

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Leavenworth is a Bavarian getaway in the Cascade mountains of Washington State.  The city is modeled after a Bavarian village.  The city celebrates Christmas from November through the end of the year.  In December there is a daily lighting of holiday lights which string throughout the entire town.  The main square is full of shops, snacks and plenty of cheer.  Music is sung in the gazebo, hotel lobbies and sometimes in the streets.  The town square has a perfect hill for sledding with the kids.  You can get horse drawn carriage rides though the snow.  It's a perfect holiday getaway.

October is a month full of Oktoberfest beer festivals in the city.  Summer is also a great time to visit.  A river runs right through the middle of the city where rafting and paddle boarding are popular.  The mountains also provide countless hiking trails, rock climbing and camping.

Here are a few views of the holiday festivities.  Enjoy.