Our Story

It all begins on the road.  A culmination of countless miles and escapades spent searching the unknown.  From a young age our motivation to travel with our skateboards took us from one town to the next, then to the big cities, and eventually across the globe and back.  We began to document our adventures through photography, video and art in order to cherish the memories, new friends and unexpected treasures we encountered along the way.  Our goal is to share our stories and listen to yours.  We strive to inspire your inner explorer to get out there and hit the road.  Begin your education.  Start right where you are in your hometown and see where it takes you.  We will keep our eyes open for you on the road.

Our Collection

We have similar backgrounds in design, art, photography, skateboarding, apparel, and screen printing.  Creating an ongoing collection was a way that we could put all of our ideas together into one project.  Our inspiration comes from our friends, family, like minded travelers and community of contributors.  We want to bring you pieces that will spark conversation in airports and add function on days that you’re exploring a new destination.  We hope that what we’re doing will inspire you to expand your ideas and bring them to the world.

Our Responsibility

We will always donate a portion of our sales to causes we believe in. From the very beginning we knew that giving back was an instrumental part of this project. We will share our favorite charities and want to learn about yours. At times we will offer special pieces or collaborations where all proceeds will be donated.