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Travel Tip Thursday

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Travel Tip Thursday to go with your New Years Resolutions.  Everyone says it's too expensive to travel but it's not true.  Yes, you have to plan, work hard and make sacrifices temporarily to get where you want to go.  There is someone traveling the world with much less than you have. Planning does take some of the fun out of the spur of the moment travel.  For that create a piggy bank you can't get into, this will be separate from your main travel fund.  Put all your change in it, some $1,s and 5$,s once in a while.  A $20 here and there.  Build this until you can't stand it anymore and break the bank open.  Count your money and go spur of the moment somewhere you didn't plan for.  Whether you have enough to get overseas or just one night hotel somewhere within driving distance.  It's exciting and you get a reward for your discipline in savings.  Next time maybe you can save even more!