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Honoring Ignacio Echeverria

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The Road Is Life wants to take a moment to honor the fallen hero Ignacio Echeverria.  Ignacio is a skateboarder from Spain who gave his life to help others in the recent London terror attack.  Ignacio was riding by on his bicycle with skateboard on his back.  He saw the men attacking a women, Ignacio got of his bike and began to use his skateboard to protect the her.  He was stabbed and ended up a victim of the attack.  Skateboarding is a worldwide community and it's not taken lightly when tragedy strikes.  As a traveling skateboarder you can go to any city in the world and immediately connect with others, leaving with new friends.  Many have paid respects to Ignacio.  His homeland of Spain bestowed upon him it's highest civil merit award - the Grand Cross of the Order of Civil Merit.  Rest easy and thank you.