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Hill of Crosses, Lithuania

The Road Travel CrewComment

I was able to find a bus ride that not only went between Riga, Latvia and Vilnius, Lithuania but stopped at a few interesting sights along the way.  My favorite was the Hill of Crosses in Siauliai, Lithuania.  There are hundreds of thousands of crosses and don’t worry you can buy your own if you feel the need.  Even a few others on the bus brought their own to add to the collection.  Only downfall of the bus tour is you’re on a set time line.  We had 25 minutes to explore the area.  It’s not huge but it’s so overwhelming.  Crosses of all types everywhere.  It’s one of those places with so much going on you have to find some interesting aspects that just jump out.  I definitely was out of time and was last person running back to the bus.  The ride was a great way to see some of the countryside and at least peak into the lives of people in between the big cities where most of the country’s population lies. 


Eric Green

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