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Keke Leppala Photo Exhibition Flow Festival Helsinki, Finland

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FLOWRIDERS – URBAN MELTDOWN photo exhibition by Keke Leppälä (@kekeleppala) can be experienced at the Suvilahti DIY skatepark area during Flow Festival.

Finding the best angle can take years of planning and decades of dedication. In the exhibition, the fun, style and flow of skateboarding are combined with the artist’s sense of urban space and visual innovation. The exhibition includes shots from the Suvilahti DIY skatepark, which is currently under the threat of being demolished. In addition, references to climate change and environmental aspects can be traced.

Keijo “Keke” Leppälä is a photographer based in Helsinki, Finland. He was a professional snowboarder in the 90’s riding for Rossignol Snowboards. He still both skateboards and snowboards as much as he can. Photography has been his third passion. Since he co-founded Copenhagen based magazine One Love, he’s been gaining ground as the new photo kid in the block.

Keke’s photos have been published in Finnish and international skateboard magazines and displayed in exhibitions in Finland, Denmark and the USA. He has also done other photo collaboration with skateboard brands.

flowriders-urban meltdown flyer2 - Wilson Makela -  2019 kekeleppala.jpg
flowriders-urban meltdown flyer4 - Oscar Rambao - 2019 kekeleppala.jpg
flowriders-urban meltdown flyer1 - Tommi Bjork - 2019 kekeleppala.jpg