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Ghost hunting and tick removal

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The most unbelievable abandon street in North Dakota.  There were houses, grain storage and this old church at the end of the road.  The scene was a dream.  Then I saw my first tick, right there on my white sock.  Scared, I brushed it off.  Now being more careful, it was hot and shorts with no shirt so weren't in the best place to start.  So then I find 2 more on my legs and 1 on my arm.  I'm starting to freak out, spending much more time focused on ticks than photographing this unique place.  In the end the ticks won.  After about 4 more, my friend and I were frazzled.  Couldn't even take the thought of seeing another, we ran back down the road.  Tick checked each other in the middle of the small highway running through here.  Please keep in mind, I'm not familiar with ticks, stories I heard involved being hospitalized quickly and new tick variations that made you allergic to meat after being in contact with.  For real.  Sounds like it's from a movie.  Next time, I'm wearing a full white, space outfit.  Taping any open holes, I won't let the ticks win the next round.

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