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Franconia Sculpture Park

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So in traveling you end up talking with random people and most love to give suggestions of what to do.  I was given a tip to go check out Franconia Sculpture park about an hour out of Minneapolis.  I’m a big fan of Americana and just weird roadside things.  People that spend sometimes years putting together giant pieces of art using the resources around them.  Love it.  I saw a couple pics online and just got in the car to check it out.  It’s in Shafer, Minnesota.  It’s free, you can give donations.  It was amazing, fun way to spend a few hours wandering around.  Not much for food but you have to visit the Lizard Lounge.  It was a weekend when I went and there was a live cover band rocking out some oldies.  Fun atmosphere.  Plenty of colors, lines, angles and odd subjects for some creative photography.  Highlights for me were, Chris Larsen’s “Lorraine Motel Sign Revisited” a replica of the Motel sign from the motel Martin Luther King was assassinated at in Memphis, a collection of  boom boxes stacked about 15 feet high and a large dog shaped house you could go into with so much stoner graffiti.  If you’re in the area, make it happen, go have some fun.

 - Eric Green

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