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The Pacific Northwest is know for it’s outdoors, hiking, camping, rock climbing and kayaking. Weekends are spent seeking out nature, picking mushrooms and shopping at REI. When it begins to snow up this way though the city becomes a ghost town. Traffic jams happen as everyone jumps on the road to drive home before the snow hits. Seattle isn’t a great city for snow, it happens like once every 5 years, there are tons of hills, no plows for the roads and were just used to rain this time of year, by the end of winter were getting pretty depressed by now. Well the snow hit and Seattle got about 9 inches and some of the areas around 18 inches. So yeah the city shut down for about 5 days, snow was on the ground for almost 2 weeks. Yeah, if you live any where cold you can talk shit but this is us. So when the city is closed what better way to celebrate then to wander around town with everyone else out of work and school. People were having fun and even interacting with each other outside which is rare in this city. Can’t wait for the next big snow to hit, best weekend off ever.

-Eric Green

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